We had to get creative with the strategies and campaigns to reach their target audience. We set up prospecting and retargeting campaigns using only chocolate-related interests as niche targeting. This strategy allowed us to reach a broader audience while still having our ads seen by the right people. Our team was also very conservative when it came to scaling the campaigns, focusing on ensuring they were profitable.

We also leveraged email marketing to educate our target audience on the benefits of Seleno Health’s products. We set up tailored email sequences specifically targeting consumers who had already shown an interest in their products but needed more information to purchase.

An example sequence includes our Cacao-related emails informing readers of ceremonial cacao’s power and ability to support well-being, provide energy, and boost mood. We also created emails about Peruvian Maca’s health benefits for hormone balance or increased strength, stamina, and endurance.

We also have post-purchase emails with a downloadable e-book containing deeper information about how to use the products and maximize their benefits.

The combination of our tailored ad campaigns and email sequences has enabled Seleno Health to reach its target customers and build an engaged audience eager to learn about the ancient plant wisdom and modern scientific research that goes into their products. We continue to see a strong return on investment, and Seleno Health continues to expand its reach and grow its customer base.

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