We’ve been working with Dave and Rach at Flow State Mushrooms for over a year now, and it has been an honour to be part of their incredible journey. What Flow State does exceptionally well lies in the magic of the duo’s characters. Their naturally comedic and laid-back approach has cultivated a strong following across their various social media platforms – regularly engaging with customers and prospects alike.

Our role in scaling
Flow State:

Email marketing has been a key driving force for our successful scaling process with Flow State. We’ve built an extremely engaged email list through regular and heavily segmented email campaigns. Our list receives around ten campaigns per month, with regular “spore drop” newsletters sharing key information on all things mushrooms.

Our sales campaigns follow an “infotainment” format – whereby we engage in an educating yet humorous manner. By regularly emailing our list, we’re maintaining brand relevance and driving repeat buyers in a way that doesn’t feel “pushy” or over the top with slimy sales tactics. Our email campaigns alone make up over 20% of the brand’s total revenue, with automation flows bringing in another 20%.

We also leverage targeted ads to reach new audiences, ensuring our emails and ads are integrated. This ensures consistency when engaging with prospects in the funnel and increases trust by reinforcing our brand messaging. Our ad campaigns have shown exceptional success in terms of ROI – driving a high number of conversions for every dollar spent.

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