Ecology & Co are one of our most unique partners here at Frisson Media. Owners of the world’s first alcohol-free distillery, they sell alcohol-free gin across a range of four premium products, both spirits, and ready-to-drink prepared cans.

Our main emphasis with Ecology & Co has been on education. The market for alcohol free products is new, and rampant with skepticism. It’s our job to educate the customers on the benefits of alcohol-free drinks, while injecting an element of “fun” in the process.



Here's our latest
strategy in driving
education and sales:

As most of us aware, July is a key month for the alcohol-free space, with the “Dry July” movement in full swing. This is a month where people “challenge” themselves not to drink alcohol.

We took advantage of this, and crafted our own challenge to “gamify” going alcohol-free. We called this the 30-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge. This funnel contained a daily email over the course of 30 days. While originally crafted for Dry July, we’ve amended the copy & are now running it as an evergreen funnel. It’s running indefinitely as an education AND sales funnel in one.

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